Gruup Date

Bringing U & U Together

Gruup Date is a place you can register for group dates that are pre-planned by a coordinator so you can worry less about the details, have fun in a safe environment, meet new people and find that special someone.

Safe Environment

Join our Gruup Dates knowing that you’ll be in a safe environment with people with similar interests.

Smaller Groups

Have the chance to get to know the people you are on a date with on a more personal level.

Meet New People

Increase your circle of friends by going on a Gruup Date with new people!


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Leave the planning to us

Let your personality shine & meet new people without the stress of planning a group date! Register for one of our Gruup Dates and rest assured knowing that all the details will already be taken care of! At each of our Gruup Dates you’ll find a coordinator there to greet you, introduce everyone, and get each activity started.

What they're saying about us

You took all the stress out of planning a successful group date! I was able to show up and just have fun!

Bethony Mizz

Bethony Mizz


Gruup dates makes it easy to meet new people and it’s super affordable. I loved our hiking trip, it was great to show up and go with people who were interested in outdoors like me.

Allen Smith

Allen Smith

Event Customer

I had so much fun on my Gruup Date, I can’t wait to sign up for the next one!

Alex Mohon

Alex Mohon

Event Customer

Don’t miss the fun, check out our upcoming Gruup Dates!

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